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Detect Technologies announces global agreement with Vedanta

Agosto 3, 2022

CHENNAI, India, Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Detect Technologies announces a global agreement with Vedanta for deployment of T-Pulse, their internationally deployed AI-based workplace safety software.


Vedanta Resources Limited is a globally diversified natural resources company and is among the top producers of major commodities, including zinc-lead-silver, iron ore, steel, copper, aluminium, oil and gas. The group engages more than 65,000 employees and contractors, primarily in India, Africa, Ireland and Australia.

Managing EHS for such a diverse and spread-out organisation is a massive challenge. Driven by its commitment to GOAL ZERO, Vedanta started exploring AI-based solutions, which can infuse efficiency in this process. T-Pulse was piloted across various industries of Vedanta and was finally awarded the mandate to implement its solution across all Vedanta sites. Since its deployment, T-Pulse has significantly increased the visibility of workplace risks, leading to early identification of more than 4000 critical HSE non-compliances.

While expressing his gratitude and faith in continued collaboration between Detect and Vedanta, Mr. Daniel Raj David, CEO & Co-founder, Detect Technologies, said: “We appreciate the continued conviction Vedanta has shown in Detect and are excited to enable them in their journey towards improvements in ESG and Safety compliance. This is another testament to our mission of driving change through AI and advanced technologies to create a better world.”

T-Pulse offers centralized and scalable technology stack designed for plug and play deployment. Engineered for risk minimisation and mitigation through actionable insights, T-Pulse has witnessed proliferated deployment across major caution-intensive workplaces such as construction, petrochemicals, logistics, power, metals, mining, pharmaceuticals, and fabrication yard.

Vedanta Group CEO, Sunil Duggal said, “This partnership will further augment Vedanta’s capabilities on technology led safety enablement. Detect Technologies’ AI and computer vision solutions will help us enhance our digital safety monitoring across all business units.”

Vedanta’s endorsement of Detect highlights their commitment towards a safe, sustainable, and efficient workspace.

About Detect Technologies:

Headquartered in Chennai, Detect Technologies is a leading Industrial AI enterprise, offering SaaS-based solutions primed at process industries to enable them to achieve improved safety compliance and asset utilisation. Detect Technologies offers a wide range of plug and play AI-based software trained on large incident dataset.

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