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Gennaio 25, 2023

– WASHINGTON, Jan. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Edelman Global Advisory (EGA) announced the formation of its Global Health Policy and Public Affairs offering. Led by EGA Health Chair Joseph M. Damond, the newly formed offering will help companies navigate the challenges of a complex health policy environment while anticipating and proactively addressing emerging developments and trends.  

The pandemic has permanently altered all aspects of health policy globally, forcing policymakers around the world to grapple with critical issues. At the forefront of these issues are access and equity, innovation growth, and adaptation of regulatory and reimbursement systems to meet the needs of evolving health technologies in both the life sciences and IT sectors. Now more than ever, companies need to follow, understand, and effectively engage with these issues to meet demands of the marketplace and consumers. Working together with Edelman’s Global Health Sector, EGA’s Global Health Policy and Public Affairs team will offer advisory services to help clients anticipate global regulatory and policy risk, strengthen ties with regulators and governments, and navigate opportunities in new markets.

“Health value, access, and equity have never been more important to our clients, our communities, and our world,” said EGA Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Deborah Lehr. “The EGA Global Health Policy and Public Affairs team is uniquely positioned to be a trusted guide in helping companies navigate the changing geopolitical landscape. EGA has policy and regulatory experts in key markets around the world who understand global trends and how to work across markets in this complex environment.”

Damond is joined by health policy and regulatory experts with deep expertise in helping clients meet their public affairs, policy, and government affairs objectives. This team of talented individuals brings senior-level experience in government, political and consumer campaigns, communications, and government relations.

“It is a privilege to lead such an esteemed group of colleagues with a wide breadth of experience in the healthcare industry and a deep understanding of their regions, key stakeholders, policy challenges, and opportunities,” said EGA Health Chair, Joseph Damond. “I’m excited to be working with these leaders to advise clients as we shape change in the dynamic global healthcare environment.”

The EGA Global Health Policy and Public Affairs offering is based out of Washington, D.C. with locations in the United States, European Union, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East/Africa, and India. 

About Edelman Global Advisory

Edelman Global Advisory (EGA) is a boutique firm providing business, government, and advisory services to navigate today’s changing geopolitical and economic landscape. Based in Washington, D.C., EGA has deep expertise on the ground in the U.S. and Canada, APAC, MENA, Europe, Latin America, and India. EGA’s team members work seamlessly with Edelman’s other 6,000+ world-class communications professionals to deliver truly integrated client services.

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