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Edita Prima: 163-year-old Nordic tech company launches “Talks of imperfection” podcast to lead the global conversation of softer business values

Settembre 20, 2022

HELSINKI, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  The obvious question is: Does the world really need yet another business podcast? Edita Prima, the kindest Nordic tech company based in Helsinki, Finland, believes it does, but only if done differently with a gentle touch of empathy and diversity.



“Talks of imperfection (TOI) is not your ordinary business podcast but a platform for meaningful conversations that help our audiences redefine their views on doubt and vulnerability. We hope our global listeners will feel more comfortable embracing their imperfections and strive for personal growth,” says Ville Immonen, Edita Prima’s Head of Sales and Marketing. 

Season 1 features 8 guests from diverse backgrounds, cultures and professions who share the common goal of creating a more equal, more reasonable and increasingly sustainable future through their passion.

“Business community must learn to operate fundamentally differently. Our guests are known for change-making top work, which requires near-perfect delivery and recognizing imperfections helps. They have self-awareness to enable self-reflection, which creates inspiring content,” says Risto Kuulasmaa, the Amsterdam-based media entrepreneur who hosts the show.

Edita Prima, a tech company with a unique heritage that reaches to 1859, orchestrates automated customer journeys to perfection. It has witnessed all four industrial revolutions and is now in transition towards digitalized services. In 2021, Edita Prima started a rebranding project, and launching TOI is the latest outcome of its ambitious storytelling marketing concepts.  

“TOI is a fine example of Edita Prima’s new brand presence, global vision and all-around creative capacity,” says Independent Creative Director & Global Work Rebel Antti J. Peltonen who leads Edita Prima’s creative rebranding. 

TOI is in English, and all episodes have been recorded face-to-face around Europe and North America. S2 is already in production.

“We are fully committed to developing TOI concept further. And yes, softer values definitely equal better business,” says Edita Prima’sVille Immonen.

S1 guests:E 001: Aito De la Rua, E 002: Helena Gualinga, E 003:Victor Pineda, E 004:Peta Milan, E 005:Tony Cho, E 006:Ruchika Sikri, E 007:Mickey Meyer, E 008: Lubomila Jordanova

Info:Ville Immonen, Edita Prima’s Head of Sales and, +358 40 743 2764


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