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How do jackpots influence the growth of iGaming projects? SOFTSWISS shares insights from its clients

Luglio 21, 2022

Up to 50% of players increase their average bet sum, and almost 70% of casino players make more daily wagers after participating in jackpot campaigns. SOFTSWISS shares the first results from clients connected to the Jackpot Aggregator, the company’s latest iGaming innovative product. 

GZIRA, Malta, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Launched in October 2021, the Jackpot Aggregator is an iGaming business tool for player acquisition, engagement, and retention. 

To analyse the influence of jackpot campaigns on key casino indicators, SOFTSWISS gathered data from its first client, the N1 Partners Group, taking advantage of both the local and global jackpot campaigns. Three projects of the casino group: Casino at N1 Bet, Fight Club, and JooCasino, operating within the Curacao jurisdiction, provided data from late November 2021 to March 2022 showcasing the solution’s impact on business growth. All the information is reflected in the product report. However, the most significant facts are accumulated in the article.

Jackpot Campaigns: Player Response

According to the statistics, the number of players who participate in the jackpot campaigns is constantly growing throughout the analysed period. The data shows that jackpots are equally engaging for both loyal players and casino newcomers. Half of the users who made at least one jackpot bet were casino players registered for a month and above, while the other half is a brand new audience. 

Half of the audience taking part in the jackpot campaigns makes jackpot bets only which demonstrates a conscious interest in such promo activity. Players appreciate the advantages of jackpots, often giving preference to games included in the jackpot campaigns. 

47.5% of players play exclusively in jackpot games. At the same time, the share of players who regularly bet on jackpot games exceeds the share of non-jackpot players: 82.3% vs. 17.7% respectively. 

“An unchanging task for each operator is to find effective tools to acquire and retain players. The statistics confirm that the Jackpot Aggregator is a universal solution that facilitates the growth of loyalty from both a new and already loyal audience. According to the brand’s needs at a given moment, the jackpot campaign helps to focus on a specific category of players, giving unlimited opportunities to affect the user activity”, notes Aliaksei Douhin, Product Manager at SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator. 

Campaign Results: Bet Sum Growth

The difference in the individual player’s performance before and after participating in the jackpot campaigns is one of the key metrics analysed by SOFTSWISS for a better understanding of the solution’s influence on user activity. 

Almost 50% of players increased their average bet sum after joining the jackpot campaign. Almost half of those users demonstrate 75% growth of the average wager sum. 

The average daily number of bets also surged after brands started their first jackpot campaign. Up to 70% of players increased their number of bets per day, some of them by several times. The full statistics are available in the report published by SOFTSWISS. 

“Jackpot campaign operation is a multi-step process, allowing the client to consider more new insights about players with every new campaign. The combination of the Jackpot Aggregator team’s expertise and the operator’s experience is crucial for creating unique campaigns which help to manage key brand indicators and affect growth”, highlighted Aliaksei Douhin, Product Manager at SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator. 


SOFTSWISS is an international brand supplying widely acclaimed, certified software solutions for managing iGaming operations. SOFTSWISS holds several gaming licences, providing one-stop-shop iGaming solutions. In 2013 SOFTSWISS was the first in the world to introduce a bitcoin-optimised online casino solution.

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