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Huawei Resolves to Revolutionize Global Data Storage, with OlympusMons Challenge 2023 Announcements

Maggio 26, 2023

MUNICH, May 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei unveiled the OlympusMons Challenges 2023 and the winners of the OlympusMons Awards 2022 at the Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum (IDI Forum) 2023, with the aim of inspiring global scientists to tackle technical problems in data storage.

Technological innovation requires theoretical breakthroughs, as well as technological inventions, prototypes, and applications, all of which depend on collaboration across industry, academic communities, and research institutes. Huawei has announced OlympusMons Challenges for four consecutive years, helping guide the direction of research in the global data storage field. By overcoming key technical challenges, Huawei intends to put high-level scientific research into practice, and lead to a win-win collaboration.

Professor Onur Mutlu’s team at ETH Zurich, which won the OlympusMons Awards 2022, researched data-centric converged storage and computing network systems, developing innovative adaptive optimization algorithms that accelerate the upgrade of the storage architecture.

At this summit, Huawei announced two major challenges for the OlympusMons Awards 2023: Storage with Ultimate Per-Bit Cost Efficiency, and Data Resilience and Services Oriented towards Multi-Cloud Environments. Huawei hopes to work with the academic community to build high-quality data storage systems that are characterized by data-centric storage architecture, efficient data use and governance technologies for new applications, data resilience, and proactive safeguards.

Joan Serra-Sagristà, Professor from the Department of Information and Communications Engineering, Autonomous University of Barcelona, introduced the third Global Data Compression Competition (GDCC), which is co-hosted by the university and Huawei, inviting software engineers, researchers, students and enthusiasts to take part. The competition will encompass eight major challenges dedicated to lossless compression algorithm, with 171,000 euros in total prize money having been set aside. Individuals and teams who achieve the highest compression rates and performance will be declared winners.

Dr. Cheng Zhuo, Chief Technical Research Expert of Huawei Data Storage, delivered a keynote speech at the event, entitled “Innovations Towards Next-Generation Storage Architecture”, noting that as enterprises achieve digitalization on an accelerated timeline, data storage innovation will proceed in six key areas: capacity, performance, and reliability, efficiency, resilience, and a multi-cloud ecosystem.

The development of the data storage industry requires widespread collaboration, and Huawei Data Storage will continue to work with industry and academic to develop smart, digital, and sustainable solutions of tomorrow.

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