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NIWA gets ready to shine in the PV world

Settembre 16, 2022

SHANGHAI, Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A high-tech solar technology specialized global enterprise Jolywood has added a brick to its success ladder with the debut of the new product brand NIWA, which was launched on September 12.

NIWA is a new brand focused on the residential solar market. With the theme “NIWA, all N-Type, Power your Home,” the company launched the brand globally amid a grand ceremony. The launching coincided with the 8th anniversary of the listing in Shenzhen.

“NIWA has applied the key technology of J-TOPCon 2.0 to make the solar module have high efficiency, low attenuation, and high availability. Advantages such as relying on, low-temperature coefficient, high double-sided rate, lightweight, etc. It is more suitable for the residential distributed photovoltaic systems.” says Ni Jianxiong, head of solar module technology R&D of Jolywood.

“The key to coping with the climate and energy crisis is to speed up the energy transition and adjustment by reducing reliance on non-renewable energy and turning to green and sustainable renewable energy.” remarked the company’s Chairman Lin Jianwei.

Meanwhile, Jolywood “NIWA” has more than 260 rooftop PV distributors and installers overseas, with customers widely distributed in over 20 countries and regions, mainly in Europe and the Asia Pacific.

“The annual sales and development capacity of NIWA PV modules and power generation systems will exceed 10 GW, and the users will reach 1 million, making “NIWA” a world-famous brand of N-type PV modules and power generation systems,” he shared the ambitions, adding that NIWA will turn 100 million yuan into N-type photovoltaic component products and photovoltaic power generation systems.

With long time cooperation from overseas customers greetings from EC Group, IBC Solar, Integra Solar, Prosun, ECO SUN and Raytech, they were all addressed, Jolywood was Pioneering enterprises with N-Type Technology and produces very good quality products for years, they believe that Jolywood will continue to move forward in technological development and products innovations, and keep one of the leading positions regarding the N-type technology development.

NIWA is already a popular word, which has strong R&D and strength in both products and systems. It is expected that the brand will provide efficient, reliable, and beautiful N-type products for the industry.

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