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Praxis Announces the Launch of its Environmental Protection Campaign, #PowerYourPlanet.

Settembre 20, 2022

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  Borne from their slogan, Power Your Payments, the Tech giant is organizing a series of environmental preservation and protection events as part of their new #PowerYourPlanet campaign.



As firm believers in giving back to the community that supports their firm, Praxis Tech will be coordinating a slew of events to protect the natural world that surrounds us. In a time where climate change is accelerating at an alarming rate, current projections show that by 2050 our planet will warm by 1.5 degrees Celsius – quite simply catastrophic for our natural world. With that in mind, Praxis decided to take action.

Praxis believes that action is required now in order to mitigate the impact of anthropogenic activity on the world. Not just for us, but for the generations to come. So, as a first step, the firm has put in place extensive recycling capabilities throughout its office, ensuring that its 100+ employees are able to process their waste responsibly.

Collaborating closely with a range of environmental protection agencies and organizations, Praxis will be hosting and funding monthly events like beach cleaning, tree planting, recycling and even #MeatlessMondays to reduce its carbon footprint.

Although the firm is undertaking these huge events, it is acutely aware that each individual can make a positive change in the world. With that in mind, the firm is providing their entire team with products to assist each individual in mitigating their impact on the environment; giving Praxians the power to #PowerYourPlanet.

Founder, Amit Klatchko, commented that “as a big player in the tech industry we have the power to be able to actually make a difference. It would be irresponsible of us to not use that to our advantage and the advantage of generations to come. We founded the company on the premise that we can Power Your Payments but, if we want to survive, now is the time for Praxians and everyone else to Power Your Planet”.

Visit Praxis Tech to find out more about the #PowerYourPlanet campaign.

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